Check to see if your membership is current for 2017

Class membership runs annually from January 1st to December 31st.

New Membership $30
Renew Membership $25



A list of class measurers is available on the USF18 Class Contacts page. Class scales are available for major events upon request by your area measurer. The class scales will be used at every annual Championship.

Our Class Rules require that all competitors maintain an up-to-date measurement certificate. As in other countries, a fee is required to maintain a level playing field and certify boats (see below). A Class Measurer will measure your boat, collect the fee, submit the completed forms, and you will be issued a Measurement Certificate in accordance with class rules. The USF18 Class will maintain a current list of certificates here on the website so that sailors and event organizers have easy access.

Complete Boat ONLY (Measurer paid seperately) $122.5
Complete Boat, Includes Measurer Payment $175
Boat Only, No Sails $65
Mainsail Only $60
Jib Only $25
Spinnaker Only $25
Change in Owner for Existing Certificate $10
Certification Stickers (with completed form) $30
Class Measurement Fee (per sail, if sail measurer has been paid directly) $11.50