Midwestern Area Regatta Season Begins!

Midwestern Area Regatta Season Begins!

We had 16 boats racing this weekend at Somerville. The lake was above full, the lawn mowed, the days were sunny and warm and evenings cool, and I even got a warm shower this year. Winds were 10-20+ mph. It was near perfect conditions and very welcomed after another lengthy cold winter. The wind was a little stiff for the first event of the year and many folks found all the weak spots in their boats and bodies. We had 6 glorious races, 4 Saturday and 2 on Sunday. The regatta went very smooth thanks to the well oiled regatta committee and chase boats. We used our new marks which worked very well. They are yellow 5.5ft tetrahedrons. They are a little harder to see from a long distance, but much more manageable to lug around and much less windage. It’s a real good thing we got these marks. The other marks had basically petrified. We had 3 boat classes: 8-F18/F16 combined, 3-H17, and 5-portsmouth.


F18 Fleet Results (top 3)

  1. John Tomko / Jonathan Atwood – 5 pts
  2. Steve Piche / Juke Ball – 11 pts
  3. Shannon Galway / Ian Billings – 12 pts

Full Results

Our next regatta is Hill Country (April 25-26) which is going to be run in Palacios due to the low water at Lake Buchanan.

Mike Rohrer
Div 6 Commodore