Our Class Rules require that all competitors maintain an up-to-date measurement certificate. As in other countries, a fee is required to maintain a level playing field and certify boats (see below).  It is the sailor’s responsibility to obtain and keep record of your measurement certificate. When possible, the USF18 Class will keep records certificates for all active members and will attempt to furnish a certificate if requested.   Remember, everyone in the process is a volunteer, so the more you can do to help the better!

Class scales are available for major events upon request by your area measurer. The class scales will be used at every annual Championship.  If your boat has not been weighed for measurement it can be weighed during the weigh in process at the annual championship and recorded to complete your certificate.

The measurement certification process is for any non-certified boats or sails. To obtain your measurement certification there are 3 easy steps:

  1. Find a measurer to complete the measurement procedure and fill out the completed forms and submit to the USF18 Class Measurer.

Find your closest measurer at

*In lieu of complete sail measurement, The USF18 Class will accept Appendix B Sailmakers Declarations from approved sailmakers as provided with EACH sail with matching serial numbers. *This only applies to standard sails, any custom cuts need to be measured. The USF18 Executive Board will vote on approved sailmakers at the end of the AGM.  

This process does NOT guarantee your sails measure in, the class or measurers hold no responsibility, the sailor is responsible for sailing with legal equipment and is subject to any scoring penalties in the event of a protest.  If you are unsure then please have your sail measured.

2. Pay respective fee (see below) to USF18 Class via Paypal.

3. Contact USF18 Class Measurer, provide fee payment receipt at which time you will be eligible to receive certification stickers and a Measurement Certificate in accordance with class rules. Stickers will be supplied by the Class Measurer at major events or via mail.

All fees include measurement services and certification stickers:

Complete Boat (For new or uncertified boats & sails) $175
Boat Only (For new or uncertified boats) $65
Mainsail Only (For new or uncertified mainsails) $60
Jib Only (For new or uncertified jibs) $25
Spinnaker Only (For new or uncertified spinnakers) $25
Change in Owner for Existing Certificate $10
Certification stickers (For sticker replacement only) $30
For Measurer purposes only:
Complete Boat ONLY
For Measurer purposes only: 
Class measurement fee per sail*

*Contact Class Measurer if you do not see your area listed