Day 2 of 2016 US F18 Nationals

Day 2 of 2016 US F18 Nationals

September 20th, 2016:

Day two of the regatta started with a 9:30am briefing and a 11:00am start on the water. The wind felt quite nice on the beach out of the North in the morning, roughly 8-10 knots. The breeze quickly died14446168_671727376310749_6844935987661055079_n as the fleet headed off the beach and towards the start line for the first race. By the time of the start, it had died to under 5 knots. The first start was called off with a postponement flag, but a second start quickly followed.

Very light wind as the starting gun went off for the first official race of the regatta. There were a couple of boats that were over early at the start and the fleet quickly split across the course. The leaders at the top mark (Ben Moon and Tripp Burd) sailed the left off the start and cut across the top-middle of the course. It appeared that the left side of the course had a little more wind than the right. The leaders were followed close behind by several boats (Steve and Matt, Sandra and Matthew, Todd and Brian), most sailing across the middle downwind. The wind had nearly completely died at this point and the downwind run was light and difficult. The race committee decided to shorten the race and finish at what was supposed to be the leeward gate. There was a close finish between the top 5 or 6 teams and Steve and Matt came away with the bullet.

14370365_10208683708783231_2850853991441097684_nAfter the race, the fleet was under postponement for quite a while waiting for wind, until eventually the day of racing was called off. It looks like more light wind for the rest of the week starting with a 9:00am start time tomorrow. Ben Moon said, “Sailing was tough. Race committee tried in trying conditions. We got a great start at the pin. We centered up in good pressure… Should I say better pressure than most. The boats to the left got some great angle at the top to bring them close but we managed to round 1st. We stretched out on starboard jibe but ran out if pressure across the course 1/2 way down and the front group compressed again. Race was shortened at the bottom for a 1 lap.”


-Matthew Whitehead