USF18 Class Area Representative

The United States Formula 18 class is divided into five areas, each of which has an area representative. The role of the area representative is to both serve as the point person for F18 sailing in their area, and to report back to the national class president. While the exact duties of the area representative vary slightly, the following are expected to maintain the growth of the USF18 fleet.

  1. Attend the US Class meeting at the America’s Championship regatta
  2. Maintain an up to date email list for fleet members and those interested in F18 sailing
  3. Host an area meeting where fleet business and scheduling is discussed
  4. Communicate with event organizing authorities to ensure the F18 fleet is invited to events
    1. Provide OAs and RCs guidance as to what types of courses, etc. the fleet would like to see
    2. Be the communication channel from the fleet to the OA at events
  5. Distribute event NORs to fleet and encourage early registration
  6. Maintain social media presence: facebook and twitter
  7. Ensure event calendar and recaps are posted to class website
    1. Send event reports to sailing media (catsailing news, scuttlebutt, etc.)
    2. Send event reports to international class (Cat Gunning)
  8. Ensure fleet members are informed of any votes of rule changes being considered by the national or international class
    1. Poll fleet members when needed
  9. Encourage fleet growth by:
    1. Connecting skippers and crews
    2. Hosting/promoting youth events and clinics
    3. Attending multi-class events

Overall, the primary responsibility of the area rep is to be a communicator and constant promoter of all things F18. With the fleet experiencing strong growth over the last several seasons, it is more important than ever to promote beyond the catamaran world and introduce new groups of sailors to performance catamarans.

Current Area Representatives:

Name Position Phone Number
Uli Gollwitzer Northern Area 248 840 1132
Richard MacDonald Southern Area  561 909 7895
Blair Toland Eastern Area 617-901-2166
Ken Marshack Western Area – North  503 807 6264
Phillip Meredith

Steve Stroebel

Western Area – South 650 269 4010

619 987 4630

Steve Piche Mid-Western Area